Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Research and studies on the history and culture of business, the structural characteristics and transformations of market and industrial policies and systems represent one of the Foundation's main statutory goals. In order to reach these goals, the Scientific Committee was set up in May 2008 which has since produced opinions, indications and developed research projects.

On 26 June 2012, the Scientific Committee put forward two new research projects:

the first, “Filiere internazionali ed evoluzione della grande impresa” (international supply chains and evolution of large enterprise), assigned to Prof. Giovanni Zanetti of the Istituto di Ricerca sull’Impresa e lo Sviluppo del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, is based on the evolution of large enterprise in Italy compared to the trends towards specialisation prevalent in the international markets, paying particular attention to the routes of suitability of national industry and the causes of abandonment of significant competitive sectors.

A seminar held at the Foundation on 7 May 2013 took stock of this research.

The second, “Smart City”, led by Prof. Donatella Sciuto of the Electronics, Information and Bioengineering Department of Milan Polytechnic, analyses the quality-of-life of the megalopolis, increasingly uprooted from the context which produces the primary elements of survival and oriented towards a transformation into the technopolis, where technological factors will have to reach an equilibrium with environmental factors.

A meeting was held at the Foundation on 15 April 2013 between Prof. Sciuto and the technical/operational heads of the Genova Smart City Association to further investigate the local experience.


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