Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

In 1980, with the founding of the Ansaldo Historic Archive, activities began to recover and safeguard initially the documentary material progressively taken from within the Ansaldo Group, which were later extended both to subsidiary and associate companies and to collections of documents threatened with destruction or dispersement produced by companies not connected with Ansaldo.

Thus from the mid 1980s onward, hardcopy, film and photographic archives were therefore acquired which together represent a significant account of the industrial and business history of Liguria and beyond.

The Ansaldo Historic Archive has therefore already for some time performed a much wider activity than that normally undertaken by an historic business archive, and recognition of its nature as a regional economic archive arrived in February 2000 with the founding of the “Fondazione Ansaldo - Archivio Economico delle Imprese Liguri - Onlus” foundation, an organisation to which the archival heritage conserved up until that date by the Ansaldo Historic Archive was transferred.


The financially burdensome and administratively complex commitments to protecting and exploiting the documentation of historical and archival interest produced by Ligurian enterprise led in March 2005 to a convention with the General Directorate for Archives, and during 2007 a strategic/institutional reconfiguration of the Foundation.


Today, the “Fondazione Ansaldo – Gruppo Finmeccanica” makes available to the scientific community over 15 km of company, accounting, administrative and technical documents produced from the mid 19th century by companies mainly connected to the Ansaldo, Bombrini, Bruzzo, Costa, Dufour, Fincantieri, Finmare, Finmeccanica, Gaslini, Ilva-Italsider and Perrone groups, and by other economic entities such as the Borsa Valori di Genova stock exchange and Banco di Chiavari e della Riviera Ligure.

More than 400,000 original photographs, both prints and negatives, have also been brought together, offering an overview of many business and working activities from the mid-19th century onwards, while in the cinematographic field, 5,000 original films have been acquired which document many and various aspects of Italian economic life in the 20th century. This capital of memories, continually supplemented with new additions and donations, also includes important collections of technical and industrial drawings, antiques and heirlooms, naval records, and share and bond certificates. Finally, with the initiative “La Liguria del saper fare si racconta”, the Foundation has set up a vast collection of oral accounts on the work and professional activities present in the Ligurian economic system.

The acquired documentation, due to the various conservation and management methods required and also due to the different users, as been divided into five distinct sections within the site: Archive, Photo Library, Film Library, Oral Sources and Collections.


Archives and Collections

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