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Evolution of large-scale enterprise and global value chains

The rapid and continual evolution of the world economic context has caused profound changes in the business structure in most developed and developing nations, which has evolved with the dual goal of exploiting the opportunities offered by constant technological developments and adapting to the new geography of international commerce.

The continuing stagnation of Italian productivity in relation to the countries with which it is required to compete suggests, however, that Italian companies have not kept up with this evolution, or have only partially managed to do so.

This research project promoted by the Ansaldo Foundation therefore analyses Italy's positioning in the global dynamic of added value creation, in particular in the aerospace, automotive and chemicals sector. The results on the one hand confirm the idea that large-scale enterprise is a driver of development, and that its decline in Italy helps explain the country's unsatisfactory performance.

On the other hand, however, they show how new businesses, often smaller in size and with more streamlined organisation, are entering the international scene and showing a significant ability to generate added value. These enterprises operate in the international supply chains which lead to the creation of particularly innovative products with a significant scientific and technological content.
This analysis thus identified a new route to generating growth in a system: the presence of businesses within the strategic hubs of the international supply chains and which are essential for their operation. The Ansaldo Foundation's research offers space for reflection in this area to develop a new modern industrial policy consistent with an increasingly interconnected international situation.


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