Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Smart city: technology and creativity in support of innovation

The topic of the Smart City is currently the subject of a lively debate and significant coverage in the literature, tackling the issue from many points of view: historical, sociological, urban planning, environmental and technological. In order to get some bearings in this field, the Ansaldo foundation supported the creation of a publication which can be used as a guide widely accessible to the public, and at the same time help guide public decision-makers.

The result of a long and demanding research project, the volume analyses and describes the macro-phenomena affecting and which will increasingly affect cities in coming decades; the evolution of the idea of the smart city; examples of the cities in Italy and around the world, including Genoa, which have distinguished themselves for the smart initiatives they have put into place, the methods adopted and results offered by the numerous ranking operations currently circulating, concluding with some recommendations and risks to be avoided.


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