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Fondazione Ansaldo

Novi Ligure Plant

250 envelopes and registers (1912-1984)

The origins of this production site date back to 1912 with the incorporation of the Ferriera di Novi Ligure ironworks company equipped with a furnace for heating wootz steel, a rolling mill for small and medium-sized rolled profiles, and subsequently two open-hearth furnaces.

Following financial difficulties, Acciaierie e Ferriere di Novi Ligure was wound up and the plant passed to Ilva Alti Forni e Acciaierie d'Italia in 1931.

In 1934 all plants were concentrated in Campoleone where the war would later lead to the steelworks being partially destroyed. In 1951 the plant exceeded all previous production levels, with 118,000 tons of steel and 138,000 tons of rolled steel products.

In 1960 construction began on a new cold rolling plant, which in 1962 became part of the Oscar Sinigaglia complex in Genoa-Cornigliano, along with the old plant. In 1967, with the expansion of the annealing facilities and services, the cold rolling plant reached annual production of one million tons, occupying an area of over one million square metres.

In 1981 the plant, which since 1978 had been operating as an independent unit, was transferred from Italsider in receivership to the new company Nuova Italsider.  Collected in 36 envelopes, the archive also contains corporate and management documentation produced by the "Ferrovie Val d'Orba" ironworks company between 1881 and 1963.

The archive contains documents relating to:

Legal offices;
Accounting documentation;
Workplace health and safety;
Activities of the company recreation department.


Archives and Collections

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