Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Società Anonima Distribuzione Energia Aosta (Aosta Energy Distribution Joint-Stock Co.)

6 registers (1932-1982)

S.A.D.E.A. was founded in 1932 with its headquarters in Turin, with the company purpose to purchase and manage electrical energy and distribution systems and distribute electricity both for power and lighting purposes. In particular, it distributed electricity produced by Cogne which remained unused in the production cycle.

In 1965, with the arrival of Italian electricity board ENEL, the company changed its activities and changed its name to Società Anonima Derivati Energia Aosta (Aosta Energy Derivatives Joint-Stock co.).

In 1971 the company purchased the Società Brambilla d Verrei and Cruciale-Vanzetti plants. In the same year, the headquarters was transferred to Verrei.

In 1975 SADEA took on a shareholding of 20,000 French Frances in the new limited company "SIAS France Société Internazionale del Aciers Speciaux" based in Paris. In 1982 SADEA was merged with the new company Nuova SIAS, Società Italiana Acciai Speciali (Italian Special Steels Co.).

Preserved documentation:

Meeting minutes;
Board of directors meetings minutes;
Board of Auditors meetings minutes;
Executive Committee meetings minutes.





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