Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Nazionale Cogne

230 envelopes and registers (1923-1980)

Founded on 2 January 1909, the Società Anonima Miniere di Cogne (Cogne Mines Joint-Stock Co.) was taken over by the Perrone's Ansaldo in 1916 as part of their ambitious development programme which lasted until 1921, a year of major crisis at Ansaldo.

The latter company transferred the plants, mines and production activities to the newly formed S.A. Ansaldo Cogne in 1923 as part of a huge financial restructuring and rebuilding operation.

In 1924 Ansaldo Cogne and Paul Girod, founder of Aciéries Electriques di Ugines, founded the "S.A. Acciaierie Elettriche Cogne-Girod", a company which over time would be increasingly controlled by Ansaldo Cogne.

With the reunification of the shareholding, and through various corporate measures, on 12 March 1929 the Società Anonima Nazionale Cogne was founded. After coming under the control of the I.R.I., S.A.N. Cogne, after the brief interval of SIACC in 1934 and the events of the Second World War, became part of the Sias group subsequently controlled by Egam until 1977, the year of the abolition of that management entity.

In 1978 the I.R.I. transferred by proxy to Finsider its shareholding in the "Nazionale Cogne" (awarded by the winding up board handling Egam's assets) which would become an internal division of Deltasider.

Preserved documentation:

Share registers;
Attendance book minutes;
Shareholders' meetings minutes;
Board of directors meetings minutes;
Board of Auditors meetings minutes;
Executive Committee meetings minutes;
Financial statements.




Archives and Collections

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