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209 envelopes and registers (1948-1961)

In 1938, following the IRI and Finsider decision to build a steel plant in Genoa-Cornigliano for the production of semi-finished components, SIAC-Società Italiana Acciaierie Cornigliano (Cornigliano Steelworks Italian Company), which had promoted the initiative, began implementing the programme, which would only come to fruition after the war, however.

In 1950, after recovering the systems taken away by the Germans, SIAC began rebuilding and enlarging works, which in 1951 were entrusted to Cornigliano Società per Costruzione Impianti Industriali (Cornigliano Co. for the Construction of Industrial Systems).

Founded in 1948 as part of Finsider, this company, with a deed of contribution dated 9 October 1951, took over the plant owned by Oscar Sinigaglia, taking on the name of Cornigliano S.p.A.

In 1961 the company merged with Ilva Alti Forni e Acciaierie d'Italia to create Italsider Alti Forni e Acciaierie Riunite Ilva e Cornigliano (a company which would be renamed Italsider in 1964).

Preserved documentation:

Share registers
Shareholders' meetings minutes;
Board of directors meetings minutes;
Board of directors attendance book;
Executive Committee meetings minutes;
Executive Committee attendance book;
Financial statements;
Inventory registers for financial reports;
Bank daybooks;
Supplier daybooks;
Customer daybooks;
Payroll daybooks;
General daybooks;





Archives and Collections

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