Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Ansaldo Cogne

6 registers (1923-1935)

Founded in 1923, it purchased the plants, mines and production activities of the former S.A. Miniere di Cogne from the Perrone's Ansaldo.

In 1924 Ansaldo Cogne and Paul Girod, founder of the Aciéries Electriques di Ugines electrical steelworks, founded the "S.A. Acciaierie Elettriche Cogne-Girod" joint-stock company, which over time would be increasingly controlled by Ansaldo Cogne.

In October 1927 the company changed its name to S.A. Nazionale Cogne Miniere, Alti Forni, Impianti Elettrici with the purpose of operating the Cogne mines, other mines, and electrical and steel systems and plants.

In 1929 a new merger took place between S.A. Nazionale Aosta, S.A. Nazionale Cogne and "Acciaierie, Miniere e Fonderie di Valpellice" (Valpellice Steelworks, Mines and Foundries). Two new companies were formed by the merger: "Cogne" (for the mines and steel/metal production) and the "Società Anonima Nazionale Impianti Elettrici Aosta" (Aosta Electrical Systems National Joint-Stock Co.), which in 1935 would be definitively incorporated in "Cogne".

Preserved documentation:

Shareholders' meetings minutes;
Board of directors meetings minutes;
Executive Committee meetings minutes;
Per diem attendance register.




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