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The Scuola Interaziendale Ansaldo Siac intercompany school began its activities in 1936. The period up to 1945 was among the happiest for this organisation, thanks to Ansaldo's working at full capacity due to the war. The pupils enjoyed social support and already benefited from social security payments during the courses.
After receiving their diploma, a guaranteed placement in the company followed; however, after 1945 things became more difficult, and in 1950 the school risked closure. Ansaldo made the premises and equipment available, while new management headed up by the Industrial Association, Ministry for Labour and the Region came in.
It was renamed s.I.App.C. (scuola Interaziendale Apprendisti Calcinara), and would continue its activity for 10 years.
In the early 1960s the school was restructured on the initiative of the I.R.I. and named Centro I.R.I. per la Formazione e l’Addestramento Professionale (IRI centre for professional training, CIFAP). Within a few years, similar centres sprang up around Italy based on this model and the school became a national association named AnCIFAP. It wound up its activities in 1996.

The archive was acquired in 1993 by the Genoa AnCIFAP (Associazione nazionale Centri I.R.I per la Formazione e l’Addestramento Professionale). It is composed of 125 films containing explanatory and teaching materials for training apprentices and factory workers.
To date, 113 of these films have been processed and made available.

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Archives and Collections

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