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The Muggiano shipyard began production in 1883 as “Giorgio Henfrey & C.” for the repair of the mineral transport vessel for the “Pertusola” foundry; later, in 1887, with its sale to the English “Continental lead and Iron Company limited”, the company began construction of steel ships, and in 1897 it was taken over by “Hofer, Manaira & C.”, which the “società Anonima Cantieri navali del Muggiano” (sACnM) succeeded.
In 1906 the shipyard was taken over by the “società Cantieri navali Riuniti” company of Genoa, and in 1907 changed its name to “Fiat. san Giorgio”, acquiring an international reputation for the construction of submersibles for Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Britain, Japan, Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands.
In the late 1940s it was taken over by Ansaldo.

In 1971 the facility, now named “Cantiere navale Muggiano S.p.A.”, was still producing merchant shipping, up until 1975 when it returned to its traditional military vocation, culminating in its incorporation in the Cantieri navali Riuniti company in late 1981, with the construction of ships for the Italian Navy as well as for various other countries: Libya, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Iraq.
In 1984, when the company was merged into Fincantieri, the shipyard came under the current Navy management alongside that of Riva Trigoso, with which it maintains a profitable integrated production system: Muggiano, indeed, manages the final stages of fitting and predelivery checks for ships built and launched by Riva Trigoso as well.
The archive, acquired in 2006, is composed of 100 films relating to the shipbuilding activities at Muggiano between 1960 -1995.

archivio-pdfFincantieri Muggiano archive


Archives and Collections

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