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ILVA ARCHIVE, 1912 - 1991

The Ilva company, Incorporated in Genoa on 1 February 1905 with holdings from the Siderurgica di Savona, Ligure Metallurgica and the Terni company, officially owed its origins to the Società Anonima degli Alti Forni e Fonderia di Piombino, Incorporated in Florence on 19 January 1897.
Its name comes from the Latin for the island of Elba, whose iron ore the company intended to use for the production of cast-iron in Italy. On 30 June 1911, following a series of agreements and conventions, Consorzio Ilva was born, with which the Elba company, Alti Forni Fonderie e Acciaierie di Piombino, Ferriere Italiane, Siderurgica di Savona and Ligure Metallurgica gave Ilva the mandate to manage their steelworks, thus grouping together the national production of cast iron. The activity ranged from the mining of the ore to the finished metal products, with the addition of some sections of secondary machining.
In 1918 Piombino changed its name to Alti Forni e Acciaierie d’Italia: from the merger of Ilva and all the other companies in the consortium of the same name came Ilva Alti Forni e Acciaierie d’Italia. Through various additions, break-ups, reorganisations and streamlining of it's structure, in 1934 Ilva came under the control of the I.
R.I., with the Cornigliano company incorporated in a 1961 merger which saw the name change to Italsider Alti Forni e Acciaierie Riunite Ilva e Cornigliano, which in 1964 was once again changed, this time simply to Italsider.
In 1981 the new Italsider added the Italsider companies companies responsible for flat rolled products, including Bagnoli, Genova Campi, Genova Cornigliano, Lovere and Darfo, novi ligure, Servola and Taranto.
In 1987 Ilva - previously Ilva Profilati - changed its name to Italsider, concentrating the entirety of the Italsider corporate structure in receivership.
On 1 January 1989, with the assignment of the company structures and shareholdings from the companies of the Finsider group in receivership, Ilva took on the role of the leading state-backed steel production company.
In 1993, the company was placed into receivership, with the new name Ilva in Liquidazione; at the same time, two new companies were founded: Ilva laminati Piani srl and Acciai speciali Terni srl.
This archive is composed of 1039 films and 130 original videocassettes, acquired in two lots: the first from Italsider s.p.A. in 1988, and the second from Ilva s.p.A. in liquidazione in 1993.
To date, 282 of these films have been processed and made available.

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