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The four shipping companies controlled by the I.R.I. Finmare Group holding company were born on 1 January 1937, from an operational point of view, following a government decision.
Based in the country's four main ports at the time were Italia, which provided services for the Americas; Lloyd Triestino, which ran the lines to Africa, Asia and Australia; Adriatica, which provided services to the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea;
and Tirrenia, responsible for lines to the Western Mediterranean and northern Europe. The origins of the Italia Flotte Riunite company trace back to 1932, from the merger of Navigazione Generale Italiana (n.G.I.), società Riunite Florio, Rubattino and Lloyd Italiano of Genoa with Lloyd sabaudo - società Anonima per Azioni of Genoa which, as it had acquired control of Cosulich of Trieste in the meantime, introduced this too into the new company.
The most interesting story concerns n.G.I., created in 1881 by the merger of the Genoese Rubattino, which had formed in 1838, and the Palermo company Florio, founded in 1843. In 1910 n.G.I. owned a fleet of 150 liners and ran regular services for the Americas, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as the postal lines in the Tyrrhenian.
But in July of that very year, n.G.I. decided to dedicate itself purely to transatlantic services, between 1919 and 1924 absorbing Lloyd Italiano, Transoceanica of Naples, successor of Italia, founded in Genoa in 1899, and finally the Veloce. The archive, acquired in 1987 from Italia di Navigazione s.p.A., is composed of 544 films covering the period from the 1920s to the 1970s. 
To date, 169 of these films have been processed and made available.

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