Fondazione Ansaldo

Fondazione Ansaldo

Antiques and Heirlooms

The Ansaldo Foundation holds a large collection of material evidence of industrial civilisation composed of antique manufactured pieces, heirlooms, scale models and other objects acquired from 1980 onwards alongside its documentary research activities.

The Ansaldo Foundation, although it does not have its own museum available, has been able to ensure the preservation of these pieces through various different operations. A summary list of this collection, composed mainly of items from Ansaldo production units, is given below:

Admiralty anchor, Sestri Ponente, 1900
“Benzing” time clock, used at the Gio. Ansaldo Armstrong & C. plant in Sampierdarena, 1911
SVA 5 single-engine biplane, Gio. Ansaldo & C. aeronautical plant, Borzoli, 1918 (**)
Ansaldo-SPA 6A aircraft engine, Società Ligure Piemontese Automobili, Turin, 1918 (**)
B26 three-phase electric motor, Stabilimento Elettrotecnico & Materiali d’Artiglieria Gio.Ansaldo & C., Cornigliano Ligure, 1921
F.S. 625.153 steam locomotive with tender, Fabbrica Locomotive Ansaldo S.A., Sampierdarena, 1922
Ansaldo Torpedo 4C automobile, Fabbrica Automobili Ansaldo, Turin, 1925
Ansaldo-MAN diesel engine, Cantieri Officine Savoia S.A., Cornigliano Ligure, 1925 (*)
“VOX” radio, S.A. Ansaldo-Lorenz, Milan, 1935
Fiat-Ansaldo 41 armoured car, Fossati plant, Sestri Ponente, 1941 (*)
Model 208 emergency diesel generator, Stabilimenti Elettromeccanici Riuniti Ansaldo San Giorgio S.p.A., Cornigliano Ligure, 1948 (*)
TCA/60 tracked farm tractor, Ansaldo S.p.A. Fossati plant, Sestri Ponente, 1949 (*)
V220/380 three-phase asynchronous electric motor, Stabilimenti Elettromeccanici Riuniti Ansaldo San Giorgio S.p.A., Cornigliano Ligure, 1950 (*)
1620/6 marine diesel engine, Stabilimento Meccanico Ansaldo S.p.A., Sampierdarena, 1951 (*)

Other noteworthy items:

Bronze bust of Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorena, 1834
Bronze bust of Carlo Bombrini, 1882
Marble bust of Carlo Marcello Bombrini, 1910
Marble bust of Giovanni Bombrini 1924
Marble bust of Camillo Benso Count of Cavour (1810-1861)
Bronze statue “La Vittoria”, Officine Glisenti, Brescia, 1900
Bronze bust of Ferdinando Maria Perrone, 1908
Two antique model battleships, Gio. Ansaldo Armstrong & C., Sestri Ponente, 1909
“PF” viewer for stereoscopic plates, Genoa, 1913
Antique model of the Gio. Ansaldo & C. Artillery plant, Campi, 1915
Steam locomotive no. 1298 construction plate, S.A.I. Gio. Ansaldo & C., Sampierdarena, 1923
And from the Ansaldo S.A. steelworks and foundry, Cornigliano Ligure, 1925
Bell for air raid alarm used by the Ansaldo S.A. plants, 1938
Two antique models of marine diesel engines Ansaldo S.p.A., Sampierdarena, 1950
Optical microscope used by the SIAC S.p.A. chemistry laboratory, Cornigliano Ligure, 1950
Two antique models of passenger ships, Ansaldo S.p.A., Sestri Ponente, 1953 (*)
Antique LPG tanker model, Ansaldo S.p.A., Leghorn, 1962

Other materials:

Sampierdarena locomotive model, Verbano II steamship paddle model, Ganz transformer model, SVA biplane model, Ansaldo nuclear power plant model, antique medals and plates, electrical equipment, miscellaneous other items.
This section also includes around 100,000 original technical drawings, to be reorganised and catalogued, mostly made between the 1920s and 1950s and relating to Ansaldo's naval and wartime production.


Archives and Collections

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