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This section contains a brief list of the archives acquired from various enterprises, bodies and persons.

The archive is the basic descriptive level. When the structure of a group of documents is particularly complex, with multiple archives joined by restrictions which must be respected and highlighted, a hierarchically superior "base" archive level has been used. In the case of archives with particularly complex structures, a level which describes the series or collection, below the base level, has been used.

The elements present in the description are as follows: base archive name, archive name, name of the series or collection, description of the series or collection, size, date. More specifically:

  • The base archive name is located in the centre of the page. Given the many parties who have produced the archives and the documents making up the base archive, the name used may be that used habitually or may coincide with that of the company, organisation or person who contributed the documentation
  • The name of the archive is located in the centre of the page when not included in a base archive; otherwise it is located at the margin of the page The name adopted usually corresponds to the name of the party who produced and/or provided the documents, and it is therefore not impossible for discrepancies to exist between the name of the archive and its actual configuration; in any case, indications are given on the formation of the complete group of documents
  • The name of the series is given on the margin of the page; the name, size, start and end dates and a brief description of the contents are given for each series. Subseries are not listed here
  • The name of the collection is also located on the margin of the page; for each collection, like the series, the name, size, start and end dates and a brief description of the contents are given
  • The name of the archive, series or collection is followed by the size usually indicated with the term envelopes and registers. Please note that the base archival unit is the file
  • The date of the archives, series and collections is given in brackets immediately after the size. In the archive description, this location highlights the fact that the date refers to the documents and not to the party which produced them. In the presence of significant gaps, the start and end dates have been divided into two pairs
  • The date is followed by the method of confirmation available to the researchers. This may be the inventory (analytical or summary, depending on the level of analysis performed on the description of the individual archival unit) or the list (lists, which are not always ordered, of the archival or conservation units making up the archive).

Finally, each archive has summary historical and institutional notes purely for the purpose of understanding the producer and indications of the preserved documentation.

The documentation acquired for management as of today is divided between: Acciaierie e Ferriere di Bolzaneto Archive

Ansaldo and associated archives; Banco di Chiavari e della Riviera Ligure; Borsa Valori di Genova archive; Costa archive; Dufour archive; Finmarc archive; Gaslini archive; Ilva and associated archives; Manzitti Archive; Perrone archive; Pittaluga archive; Steno Archive; Zoncada archive.

Copies of papers from the private archives of the Ansaldo and Dufour families, and the original Agostino Rocca archive kept at the Fondazione Einaudi foundation in Turin, can be consulted with specific authorisation from the management.

The following acquisitions have also been made:

The archives of De Leonardis, managing director of Asgen (1957-1977)

The archives of Milvio, president and managing director of Ansaldo (1976-1983)

The archives from the Ansaldo legal office (1963-1981)

Italimpianti collection of Giovanni Scagliotti, former employee of the company (1970s-1990s)

Sandro Scarsi papers (1952-2002)

Collection of Fernando Carretta, ex-General Manager of Italimpianti (1970-1993); papers from the Fossati plants (1936-1943)

Campanella Consolini papers (1960 -1987)

Massimo Bisca papers (1940s-1970s)

Collection of published materials from Ansaldo Ricerche spa (1970s – 1990s)

Collection of Finsider technical bulletins from Sebastiano Frixa (1960s)

Dopolavoro Ansaldo papers from Maria Luisa Pareto (1928 -1938)

Medelin Caprara papers (1940s – 1970s)

Renato Pagano collection (1980s – 1990s)

Papers from the S.I.A.I.S. company (1950s-1960s)

Fossati Plant war production dossier from Mario Pelli (1936 -1943)

Angelo Manca papers (1902 -1911)

All documents, materials and information contained in this section of the Fondazione Ansaldo website are the exclusive property of and for use solely by the Foundation itself. It is therefore forbidden for any party to distribute or make use of these documents, materials and information for purposes and with methods other than those expressly provided for and authorised by the Foundation. The foundation shall assert its rights to the fullest extent and make use of all legal and civil measures available to safeguard them.


Archives and Collections

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