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CAVO ARCHIVE, 1920-1972

The Cavo archive, acquired between 2009 and 2011 by Giuseppe Cavo through the “Memoria della Benedicta” Association, is composed of 115 films.
Giuseppe Cavo Visconti (1908 - 1980) had, from an early age, shown great interest in photography and cinema, and went on, as an autodidact, to create amateur films and photographs of a wide range of events in the area around Voltaggio, his birthplace.
He was close to the partisan resistance movement, and it was in his family's restaurant, Trattoria “Visconti”, where the German surrender in Voltaggio occurred. This permitted the recovery of several truckloads of arms which were then taken to Genoa and we used by the Ligurian partisans to liberate the city.
The passion he had demonstrated for cinema led to him being contacted by director Carlo Lizzani, who asked him to collaborate in making the film Achtung! Banditi!
The many and various films he shot, covering a wide range of subject matters, represent an important testimony on the life and history of the Ligurian/Piedmontese Apennines, and before being transferred to the Ansaldo Foundation, they were kept by the “Memoria della Benedicta” Association.
The “Memoria della Benedicta” Association is the November 2003 transformation of the 1999 Benedicta massacre memorial committee, created on the initiative of the Piedmont Regional Council, the Province of Alessandria, the AnPI, the towns of Bosio and Ovada, the Istituto storico della Resistenza di Alessandria, the Comunità Montana Alta Val lemme e Alto ovadese, the Parco Capanne di Marcarolo and the Amici della Colma association.
The “Memoria della Benedicta” aims to raise awareness of the history of the Benedicta valleys area, and that of the partisans slaughtered in the April 1944 massacre, which became the emblem of the Resistance in the population of the Ligurian/Piedmontese Apennines.
The goal of the association is to reconstruct the events and history of the partisans by offering themed trails and excursions, supported by creating documentation centres of local and international interest and to recover what is necessary to consolidate the memory and knowledge of, and to make the best use of, the historical site which was the stage of the Easter 1944 massacre.

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