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The CGE, Compagnia Generale Elettricità electricity company, represents one of the most interesting aspects of the Italian world of industry, above all for its Via Bergognone, Milan, Plant.
Built in the late 19th century, and by 1911 already an important factory of AEG Thomson Houston for the production of transformers, dynamos, motors and various other electrical components, the Lombardy plant shut down completely in 1986 after nearly a century of activity.
For many years the location of design and production abilities which were almost unique in Italy, the Via Bergognone area came to house important companies in the electromechanical sector, including Ansaldo itself in the mid 1960s, taking the name Ansaldo san Giorgio Compagnia Generale spA in 1966.
This was not by chance. Indeed, in those years a renewal and relaunching of public enterprise in the thermo-electromechanical sector began, which would be completed between the late 1970s and the beginning of the next decade with the aggregation of all state-owned companies of the sector around Ansaldo.

With the entry of high-tech electronic products and as a consequence of new production requirements, the plant came to have insufficient functional space and was not suitable for the new situation. This led to a serious and progressive crisis which concluded in 1986 with all production being shut down.
The archive, acquired in 1995 from the Ansaldo plant in Milan (ex Compagnia Generale di Elettricità), is composed of 28 films.
To date, 25 of these films have been processed and made available.

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