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“Ragazze di fabbrica” (factory girls) contains the life stories of female workers at various factories in the western Genoa region between the 1930s and 1950s. This collection is part of a wider initiative aiming to reconstruct local history, with a particular focus on the role played by women in the world of work. Conceived and developed during 2004 in Genoa-Cornigliano and Genoa-Sestri Ponente by the D. Bruschi and F. D. Guerrazzi libraries, the initiative included both the exhibitions “Ragazze di fabbrica” (factory girls), put on in 2005 at the ex Manifattura Tabacchi (tabacco works) in Sestri Ponente and at the Centro Civico headquarters in Villa Spinola, Cornigliano, and the corresponding volume entitled “Ragazze di fabbrica - Immagini memorie documenti - Un secolo di lavoro femminile a Cornigliano e Sestri Ponente”, complete with DVD, published in 2007. The original collection is composed of 10 audio cassettes with a total length of 7h 48’.

 Interview no. 1 - Giovanna Marta Bettini.  

Ticket collector for the local transport company “Uite” between 1943-64, later worked at the “Ceramica Vaccari” ceramics factory in Sestri ponente from 1947 to 1968.

 Interview no. 2 - Elsa Pastorino. 

Worker at the “Ceramica Vaccari” ceramics factory in Sestri ponente from 1934 to 1942.

  Interview no. 3 - Anna Longo.

Worked at the “Victor” confectionery factory in Sestri ponente from 1949 to 1951.

 Interview no. 4 - Alba Anfosso.

Worked in the “Pretto-Florio” and “Pastificio Ponticelli” food companies in Cornigliano from 1940 onwards; she later opened her own laundry in Coronata (Cornigliano).

  Interview no. 5 - Anna Zuffanti.

Worked at ”Oleificio Sbragi” oil mill in Cornigliano from the age of 16, in 1966, until 1982.

 Interview no. 6 - Ida Biagini.  

Hired at the age of 14 at the “Centrale del latte” milk plant in Genova-Fegino, she spent her whole working life there, from 1943 to 1983. 

 Interview no. 7 - Erminia Causa.

Born in Sestri ponente on 15/11/1923, she worked in the “San Giorgio” engineering plant in Sestri ponente.

 Interview no. 8 - Santina Delpino.

Began working at the “Tintoria e Lavanderia Eterna” dry cleaners and laundry at the age of 16, staying there from 1952 to 1964.

 Interview no. 9 - Fanny Roncallo.

Born in Cornigliano on 31/3/1908, daughter of the “Cotonificio di Cornigliano” cotton mill's caretaker.

  Interview no. 10 - Amalia Taddei.

Worked at the “Zuccherificio Eridania” sugar refinery from 1947 to 1951.

 Interview no. 11 - Carla Graffione.  
  Worked at the “Florio” conserves company from 1946 until 1951, when she was laid off, alongside other women.

 Interview no. 12 - Emilia Rubbia.
Born in Sestri ponente on 23/7/1921, she was a cigar maker at the “Manifattura Tabacchi” (tobacco plant) in Sestri ponente.

Interview no. 13 - Carmen Sciutto.

Born in Tagliolo Monferrato (Al) on 26/8/1936, in 1956, at the age of 19, she was taken on as an invoice clerk at “Cornigliano Spa”, where she remained until 1960. 

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