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The cultural association La storia nel futuro®, with the support of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the engineering department at the University of Genoa, has been organising conferences with businesspeople and managers since 2003, revolving around their professional and corporate experiences.

In 2005, the Ansaldo Foundation and La storia nel futuro© association began a collaboration, on the basis of which Ansaldo took on the responsibility of videoing, preserving and exploiting these conferences.

2005 - 2006 Edition
This edition consisted of 10 conferences held in the auditorium of the University of Genoa engineering department between October 2005 and March 2006. The conferences were recorded on Dvcam and mastered onto DVD for viewing.
24 October 2005 Remo Pertica, an electronics engineer who after extensive experience with Marconi is today President and Managing Director of Selenia Communications spa, General Manager of Finmeccanica and member of the international board of the Italian Institute of Technology.
07 November 2005 Carlo Rizzato, physicist and founder of INFM (Italian nuclear physics institute), currently president of Società Sincrotrone, Trieste, one of the world's largest science and nanotechnology labs for materials and biomaterials.
21 November 2005 Giuseppe Zampini, a nuclear engineer who after many years with NIRA is currently Managing Director of Ansaldo Energia.
05 December 2005 Domenico Andreis, naval engineer and director of certification and industrial services at RINA, one of the oldest and most prestigious naval certification bodies in the world.
12 December 2005 Domenico Campi, an electrotechnical engineer who took his MBA at Bocconi business school; since 1984 he has worked at CERN in Geneva, where he manages a team of 200 researchers and technicians working in international laboratories to develop the CMS magnet.
30 January 2006 Antonio Gozzi, economics lecturer at the University of Genoa and MD of Duferco, one of the largest producers and sellers of steel in Europe, with headquarters in Lugano and Brescia, and plants all over the world.
13 February 2006 Aldo Olivari, an electronics engineer who, after many years at the top of the Marconi company is now MD of Telecom Italia Lab, a Turin-based company with over 1000 employees.
27 February 2006 Claudio Gemme, an economist who after many years in Ansaldo sistemi industriali is currently President and MD of ASI Robicon and its subsidiary electronics research centre “CRELP”, in Potenza.

06 March 2006 Luigi Mor, a naval engineer and former director of the Genova Sestri Ponente shipyard, who is now MD of the Centro per la tecnica navale Fincantieri “Cetena” naval technology centre in Genoa.
20 March 2006 Andrea Frabetti, naval and mechanical engineer, Vice President Engineering division of Ferretti Group, among Europe's leading motor yacht builders.
15 May 2006 Vittorio Viarengo (participant in a conference organised outside the scope of the 2005 - 2006 edition, but nevertheless recorded); after founding VIVI software in 1994 in Genoa, he went on to work at Object Design in Boston then at Xecelon Corp. In 2001 he moved to Seattle to work for BEA Systems, becoming Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. In 2005 he moved to Silicon Valley, taking up the position of Vice President at Oracle.

2006 - 2007 Edition
This edition consisted of 10 conferences held in the auditorium of the University of Genoa engineering department between October 2006 and April 2007. The conferences were recorded on Dvcam and mastered onto DVD for viewing.
20 October 2006 Giuseppe Bono, Managing Director of Fincantieri in Trieste, a European leader in shipbuilding.
20 November 2006 Pierenrico Zani, a physicist who after many years working for Ansaldo is today Vice President of Poseico, an Ansaldo spin-off in the power electronics sector.
04 December 2006 Augusto Baù, civil engineer and designer for Grandi Lavori Fincosit of the "Moses" underwater barrier system to protect the city of Venice from rising waters.
11 December 2006 Mauro Righetti, engineer and MD of Italtel, a telecoms company active on an international level.
15 January 2007 Franco Belgrano, an engineer with many years' experience in automation and IT systems management for Ilva and founder of Isosistemi, a company with an international presence in plant engineering automation and business intelligence systems.
05 February 2007 Massimo Galluzzi, a mecanical engineer who after many years' experience with Intergraph and Italimpianti is now head of the defence IT services division for Elsag, a Finmeccanica company.
19 February 2007 Mario Torre, an economist with many years' experience in Marconi and who is now vice MD of Selex communications, a Finmeccanica company.
26 February 2007 Paolo Siccardo, an electronics engineer and graduate of the University of Genoa, with a dissertation developed at Stanford University (California). He stayed in Silicon Valley, over the course of 20 years heading up (among other companies) Digital Television and Scm Microsystems before founding Digital Keystone, a leader in digital solutions for TV, PC and consumer electronics applications.
05 March 2007 Roberto Sgherri, an engineer and director of R&D at Oto Melara of La Spezia, a Finmeccanica company.
02 April 2007 Giancarlo Grasso, an engineer and central director of R&D at Finmeccanica.


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