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Declaration of significant historic interest of 14/12/2000

Attained through a compulsory custody order issued by the Archival Superintendency of the Region of Liguria on 12 December 2006, the archive, whose documentation amounts to around 700 items, including envelopes and registers, attests to the activities of the credit institution between its foundation in 1870 and 2003.

The documentary material, which the Ansaldo Foundation received without any supporting information, is organised and in good condition, with labels on the spines of the envelopes and registers which have allowed a detailed list of the size of the archive to be drawn up in a short time, allowing immediate use by academics. Documentation relating to five company areas has been identified (Presidency and Board of Directors, General Management, Shares and Stock Exchange Office, Treasurer’s Office, Legal Office) in turn divided into seven sections and more than seventy archival series from 1870 to 2003. The minutes of the shareholder’s meetings, of the board of directors and the inventory books date uninterruptedly from 1870 to the mid 1990s. Moreover, there are also interesting records relating to accounting (1870-2003), HR (1903-1972) and the secretary’s office (1872-1970), as well as the records concerning the SOE – Executive Organization Service (1905-1981) and two envelopes containing legal paperwork (1898-1952). In addition, there are the aggregate archives regarding: Consorzio di Bonifica Agraria Chiavari, The Anglo American Agency Bank, Soc. An. Chiavarese per Costruzioni ed Esercizio Tramvie Ferrovie economiche e complementari and Nicola Giuseppe Dallorso Foundation, which include 17 items (envelopes and registers) and a single envelope containing the personal records of Nicola Giuseppe Dallorso, chairman of the Banco di Chiavari from 1936 to 1954. At present, we are working on the subject cataloguing of the records with the goal of publishing the inventory by the beginning of 2008.

Archives and Collections

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