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Declaration of significant historic interest of 22/03/1982

Donated on 22 May 2000 by the Perrone heirs, it concerns both the family affairs and the business dealings of Ferdinando Maria, Mario and Pio Perrone.

Born in Turin on 10 January 1847, Ferdinando Maria Perrone began a business relationship with economist Luigi Luzzatti in 1873, performing activities in the areas of politics and current affairs journalism. In March 1876 he married Cleonice Ornati (1857 -1935), who gave him two sons, Pio (31 October 1876 -16 January 1952) and Mario (1 January 1878 - 29 November 1968).

In 1884 he moved to Argentina, where he established himself as an entrepreneur and representative of Ansaldo, a company of which he became owner in 1904. When he died in Genoa on 9 June 1908, his sons continued his business activities. In particular, they returned to and developed their father's project to create an Ansaldo which was independent both in the steel and armaments fields.

Through an intensive process of vertical integration and with the help of the First World War, the Perrones' Ansaldo reached its maximum size in 1918, with share capital of 500 million lire and a total of around 80,000 employees, distributed across dozens of different plants and subsidiary companies, including: A. Cerpelli & C, Banca Industriale Italiana, Cantieri Officine Savoia, Dinamite Nobel, Gio.Fossati & C, Lloyd Italico, Nazionale di Navigazione, Pomilio, Società Idroelettrica Negri, S.PA., Transatlantica Italiana. When they left Ansaldo in 1921, the Perrones brought a halt to all their activities in the industrial field, continuing primarily in publishing.

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