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Declaration of significant historic interest of 13/03/2006

Acquired for free use from his son Augusto Zoncada in June 2001, the archive of architect Giovanni Zoncada relates to his work as a naval interior designer. Born in Venice in 1898, he studied at the fine arts Academy there before going to work at the furnishings office of the "Cantiere Navale Triestino” shipyard in Monfalcone.

In May 1948 he moved to Genoa, and soon stood out in the shipbuilding fields for his professional skills, soon becoming the most important person in his field, a role which belonged to Gustav or Pulitzer in the 1930s.

Giovanni "Nino" Zoncada worked on board almost all of Finmare and Costa Armatoli's great transatlantic liners; he was also responsible for major furnishing projects for ships of the Home Line of Panama, Swedish American Line of Gothenburg, and Sun Line Cruises of Pyreus. Together with Giò Ponti, he designed the interior of the Giulio Cesare, the Andrea Doria and various other ships.
Zoncada died of old age at his home in Genoa in 1988, a few years after retiring from his line of work.
The archive is currently being catalogued. An initial assessment performed upon acquisition allowed a summary list of size to be performed: designs, drawings, slides, plans, drafts, brochures and photographs were identified relating above all to the Stella Oceanis, Stella Polaris, Andrea C, Eugenio C, Ausonia, Leonardo da Vinci, Conte Verde, and Michelangelo.

Archives and Collections

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